Amazon through AR make up technology is transforming the beauty of L’Oreal

Amazon through AR make up technology is transforming the beauty of L’Oreal

Current efforts are revolutionizing the scene of beauty and retail, where the company of L’Oreal AR and AI. However, Modiface is tying up with Amazon allowing customers to use the front-facing camera of mobile phones. This allows in trying diverse lipstick shades in live video or selfie. Thus, on a corporation, traders are effortlessly incorporating on trying the virtual understandings for infinite product amounts.

On being accessible to customers in Japan and the US, AR simulation offers information on AI-powered analysis by brands of make-up. However, the descriptions and images regarding a product are present on the social media platform. Hence, technology is analyzing the visual and textual information regarding the specific shade of makeup and generate it through AR.

ColourMe Application

As it comes after the announcement of virtual make-up trying on the service of the ColourMe application of mobile in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. After the collaboration with A.S. Watson Group, the ColourMe application is allowing shoppers to try the products of makeup virtually. It is comprising of the products like foundation, brow coloring, eyeshadow, mascara and lipsticks of Maybelline and L’Oreal brands. ASW mentions considering the partnership with other markets and brands through the portfolio in Europe and Asia in the coming years.

Modiface, Parham Aarabi, CEO mentions about the rendering of color, allowing the technology of artificial intelligence. However, shoppers are trying on several lipsticks present on Amazon and obtain the shades that are the best fitting.

Amazon Beauty, Nicolas Le Bourgeois, claims that with the help of technology of artificial intelligence, consumers of Amazon tries on several products of lipstick. The consumers are saving their photos on mobile devices for sharing it with friends and obtain confidence.

Nicolas Le Bourgeois mentions that launch is the other significant landmark in a vision for consumers discovering the beauty and purchase it.  

As there are several inventive technologies on the basis of experience on beauty and services. However, ModiFace is developing the technologies of skin and color diagnosis tracking the characteristics of color and face.

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