Americans are spending their income on food in these cities

Americans are spending their income on food in these cities

If people want to stay on a budget it is very essential for staying on budget. Whereas people have to stick to the list of going to a grocery store if living in a big city.

Thus, the residents in major cities of America are expanding around 20% of the income on food. However, the financial group is analyzing the expenses of people on food in almost 23 metro areas.

Although, the study shows that amongst the top cities spending more on food, where others are spending money on transportation.

Hence, it is important to note that it is not appearing to the geographic factor where people are spending on groceries.

SmarAsset mentions that representatives are distributing from the states in the Western region of the country. Whereas these are from states in the South and states in the Midwest.

Hence, the group’s findings are using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey on the spending household on food.

As per SmartAsset, there are several U.S. cities where people are spending the percentage of salary on groceries.

1.      Honolulu

Although, the typical spending of a household is around 11% of income on food, which is very high as food is supplying to Hawaii. Thus typical income for a household is almost USD 94,000 Honolulu, where food expenses are high as USD 10,000 every year.

2.      Houston and Los Angeles

As per the study, Houston and Los Angeles are tying for the first place, with the total spending of a household. However, it is around 12% of the yearly income on food. Hence, as per SmartAsset, the two cities are on the list where people are spending a lot on transportation. Thus, in Los Angeles, the total income is around USD 75,000, with the spending on food is around USD 8,500 every year.

3.      Tampa

As per the study, the third highest income is expanding on food with around 11%. Whereas the metro area is having a household income of USD 60,350, with the USD 7,000 on food each year.

Hence, Tampa is on the list of SmartAssets cities spending the amount on transportation.

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