Amsterdam Records Sky High Tourist Tax with Revised Tax Slab Alterations

Amsterdam is preparing to raise its tourist tariffs. The change is effective from next year and is also going to make tourism taxes the highest amongst all European nations. Under the new rule, tourists need to pay a total of USD 3 a night. Therefore, all hotels and lodges will be charging the amount for a single night stay. In a statement, Tim Fairhurst added that this change in tourism tariffs is going to make Amsterdam the highest tax charging nation in all of Europe. Tim Fairhurst is heading the directorial position for European Tourism Association.

To understand better let us consider a real life situation. In the month of March, Rembrandt Square Hotel which is a 1-star hotel is selling its twin room with bathroom facility at €132.46. The deal is live on However, this is just the basis lodging charges. They are also adding other additional charges such as tourist tax charges. Hence the final value is shooting up sharply.

Let us see another similar case. We are talking next about Hotel Adlon Kempinski of Berlin. The hotel is a favorite amongst celebrities. Hence, several big names such as Obama and Jolie have stayed here in the past. The hotel is currently charging a total of €249.35 for a night. It is also adding an extra €11.65 as tourist tax.

Let us also consider the case of the Hotel de Russie in Rome. The Hotel is well known for its high fixed tax across Europe. It is charging €7 per head a night. Hence, the tourist tax is very high in Amsterdam. January is the low-profit month for tourism. Therefore, tourist tax charges are also remaining low in January. However, with new tourist tax revision, Amsterdam will remain in profits. Amsterdam is not charging any tourist tax for children till 16 years of age.

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