Nancy Brown: 

Amongst one of the most senior most writers in our ever-growing and versatile team, Nancy Brown trails a rather exuberant grip in decoding novel trends and new industry parameters in the ambit of a fast growing sector such as energy. Some of her favorites in the category include oil and gas, petroleum, nuclear energy, and liquid energy besides a host of other similar domains. Hailing from a chemistry background in academics, a Major in Biochemistry, writing lucid yet technically apt content for a broad audience comes naturally to her. She also freelances with diverse e-learning platforms and routinely writes on chemistry specific subjects.

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Samuel Smith

Samuel carries a rich experience in finance, stock market and numbers. One of our most profound writers, he is fierce, smart and witty which very well reflects in his writing. Samuel was hit by a travel bug few years back and since then he has been exclusively writing about travel. Apart from travel he loves writing on sectors like aviation and hospitality. His travel tips are always worth a read.

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Henry Clark: 

With an ever enthusiastic demeanor and an inquisitive mind, Henry Clark closely follows the industrial sector. The sector currently is undergoing sea-changes and is estimated to effectively influence both functional scope as well as global economic growth trend. Henry closely follows every detailed aspect of a steadily growing industrial sector, allowing readers to draw crucial understanding for better competitive advantage. Food and beauty industry rather appeals to him the most and he contributes towards our lifestyle section. With a knack for food photography, he occasionally writes for his twin food blogs, also sharing his tips on personal care and aesthetics.

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