Beauty Secrets of Drugstore across the Globe

Beauty Secrets of Drugstore across the Globe

In which continent you are present doesn’t matter, and discover the affordable staples with superior constituents during the test of time. However, choice them out in corner drugstores or supermarkets and enquire locals regarding the stock up. Therefore, beauty solutions try in making great souvenirs.

Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre

Embryolisse’s moisturizing milk is a type of basic white T-shirt of a regime of French beauty, affordable staple easy to use and do everything. Hence, the makeup artists of fashion week adore to use it as the makeup remover and primer. Therefore, Mademoiselle or Madame are appreciating it as the piercing moisturizer.

Elmex Toothpaste

The brand of toothpaste is developing in Switzerland half century with the white and red tube in same colors as the Swiss flag. However, Elmex is first toothpaste using amine fluoride without sodium fluoride as the fighter for the cavity. Thus, it is best on using conjunction with Elmex Dental Rinse leaving the feeling of breathing as fresh and clean alpine air.

Rento Tar Sauna Soap

It is all about the sauna in Finland. Actually, Sauna accessories are a big part of sauna culture. However, the best accessories are Rento’s Sauna Soap coming in different scents involving tar and birch. Thus, the version of tar is deep chocolate brown in color having the exceptional smoky fragrance, making feel like inside the smoldering sauna hut. It is consequent from pine tar, where Finns tout for the ability to decrease inflammation and deep moisturizing capabilities.


The classic French Ointment is mostly useful for healing the cuts and dry nasal membranes. Although, it is having various uses in the world of beauty. Hence, initial white and a pink tube is in situation of each makeup artist and bathroom drawer of every Parisienne. And blob it on cheekbones for highlight or brush it on the top of eye shadow for the makeup look.

Hukka Eye Orbits

Finnish craftsman carve and charming local Hukka soapstone in the donut shaped pieces where the Finns chill and then place on eyes to decrease strain from long hours at computer. Around two-billion-year old soapstone arrives from the Karelian mountain range and great at recollecting coolness for making eye treatment looks nice for long time.

Magno Jabon by La Toja Black Soap

Magno Black Soap primarily appeared in the year 1955 in the glamorous beauty ads. Where soap comprises of glycerin and preparing with relaxing water of Spain’s La Toja spring. It is popular in observing the ebony black soap pother up white like snow and are slightly citrusy scent that is reminiscent of Spain.

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