Beauty Secrets that will save Time as well as Money

Beauty Secrets that will save Time as well as Money

When it comes to beauty, a number of girls will grumble about getting tips on attaining such beauty secrets that will not only save time but also their money. Moreover, in today’s busy life there is the requirement of shortcuts that will make hair, makeup as well as some other beauty practices much easier.

Here are some of such Beauty hacks:

  • Having a whittled or else overgrown manicure: This can easily be done by applying a coat of shimmer nail polish as a part of an optical diversion.
  • When running out of time & stock: One can try using lipstick to add color to their eyes, lips as well as cheeks. The color needs to just blend in order to get the subtle glow. When running out of the remover try getting makeup off with coconut oil.
  • Faster drying of certain skin products including self-tanner and moisturizer: In case you are running out of time and need to get faster drying of the skin, you can blast the skin products with a blow-dryer on a cool setting.
  • No energy to take the makeup off at while going to sleep: Keeping an extra supply of makeup remover at nightstand would help because removing makeup avoids infections as well as breakouts.
  • Need instant solution for grey hairs seeing: A messy side part might help in hiding the roots that require a touchup.
  • Foundation seems too dark now: You can try adding a bit of moisturizer so as to lighten the foundation.
  • Need something for super dry feet? Providing heels with some TLC with home-based foot treatment. Besides, apply lotion or oil over a foot and get on the socks before going to bed, you will wake up with the smooth foot.
  • Fly-away hair is a problem? Getting fine hair, one can try spraying a little amount of hairspray over a toothbrush to tame fly away together with the hairline. For rough hair, spraying hairspray directly over the fly-away hairs and then level it with the toothbrush.
  • Want the lipstick to last all day? For this immediately after applying lipstick, hold a tissue over the lips. Then lightly dust the translucent powder on the tissue.
  • Frizzy hair a Problem?  Grab an old but then soft t-shirt after the shower and tap over the hair to dry. This will help in preventing breakage as well as frizz that gets with towel drying.
  • Did mascara get dried out? Dried mascara can revive with one or two drops of contact lens saline solution. However, use this method only if the mascara is not more than 3 months old,   else there are chances of getting an eye infection.
  • Super dry skin? Do not rinse off the face cleanser. In its place, try wiping it away with a tissue in order to aid moisturizing the skin.
  • Solution for cracking cuticles: Dry cuticles can be become softer by rubbing some lip balm over them.
  • Do inner thighs chaff while working out? Try applying a small amount of baby powder over inner thighs as well as any other areas that get chafe.

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