Berlin Launches Student Friendly Travel Cards

Berlin Launches Student Friendly Travel Cards

 Many of the students are traveling to school with the help of public transport. However, they need money for buying the ticket while traveling. Thus, the government of Berlin has started the policy of traveling in the city by using public transport for students. And while traveling, the student can travel free of charge. The Transport Association of Berlin has started the economical and new subscription for the trainees of secondary education and apprentices.

From August 1, the school students living or studying in Berlin or Brandenburg can apply for travel cards for students. This travel card is applicable for the Berlin AB area from the transport association of the city, the BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe).

Thus, trainees or apprentices are applicable for purchasing the annual travel pass for public transport in Brandenburg and Berlin. Hence, this travel card is for around 365 euros which is equal to one euro per day. Therefore, while applying for the travel card of apprentice, the company or educational institute is providing the apprenticeship and is acknowledged by VBB.

The students having a travel card of a student should not apply for the new card. Thus, it will be automatically converting their existing subscription. Therefore, the students not containing the student travel card can apply for the free online pass. The student just needs to show the valid ID card of the student from the area of Berlin and can upload the recent photograph of a student.

Though, from the policy of free travel card around 3,50,000 students will get the advantage of new travel pass. The BVG association is receiving around 1,40,000 applications whereas only half of the students are eligible for a travel card. If any of the students have already applied for student free travel card but has not received then there is no need to worry. BVG has started the agreement which will be beneficial for students to travel freely with the official form of ID of the student and will be applicable till November end.

However, the recent initiative of public transport is launching and is helping families and young adults in saving money. It will be promoting sustainable travel for traveling free of cost. Thus, the launching of a new travel subscription is coming after Berlin. And is announcing the plans in introducing the annual ticket of around 365 euros for public transportation.


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