Best Recipes to worn out the heat

Best Recipes to worn out the heat

After the winter is dragging the ideas of March as summer is here, bypassing the spring. As the mercury is impending to touch around 40°C, heading for the tough monsoon. Increasing pollution, heat waves and vector-borne diseases are expecting them all. Why make it only about the ill effects of the season. Summer is about the breezy evenings, bright days and a lot of cool seasonal flowers and fruits, which is aware of using it well. This turns into sublime sippers and delectable dishes. For starting, DTE is giving some recipes from food books that are high on nutrition, soothing for summers and medicines.

Hibiscus Tea:

For making the hibiscus tea, sugar, petals of flowers and lemon, ginger or mint to taste is essential. First, steep a few petals of a flower in hot water and let it discharge to deep purple color. After the immersing of color in hot water, later filter it. Then add sugar to taste and piping, and soothing tea is ready. Later add a couple of drops of lemon or ginger or mint to tea. However, hibiscus tea is preparing into the ice tea as well.

Palash Sherbet:

For the preparation of Palash sherbet, lemon juice, mint leaves, pepper powder, cumin powder, fennel seeds, rock sugar/ jaggery/ sugar, and dry Palash flower are necessary.

First, soak the Palash flowers in around five glasses of water with sugar for around 4-6 hours or lose color. Stir it well continuously, strain it and serve cool. For enhancing the taste, soak the fennel seeds with petals. Afterward, add fresh mint leaves, pepper powder, cumin powder, black salt or lemon juice before serving.

Mulberry Jam:

For preparing mulberry jam, sugar and mulberry are essential. Initially, crush the fruits and then cook them in a saucepan for seconds. Now add sugar to it and stir it well till it melts. Later, keep stirring and boiling as the mixture becomes thick. Then let it cool and put the mixture in the antiseptic jar and refrigerate it.

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