Best way for making food with more vegetables

Nowadays, children are becoming very choosy about their food. Hence, this becomes difficult for parents to convince their children for eating vegetables. However, eating vegetables is very necessary for development and growth. As per the study, providing a variety of vegetables to children is increasing healthy foods consumption.

During the time of the meal, children, specifically, toddlers are becoming very particular. However, the main problem is the presence of high-fat and products of sweet-food. Because of this, there is an absence of providing different options of healthy food to children.

However, the daily consumption of vegetables is differing on the basis of the country. But the guidelines of diet are very similar. For example, the American Heart Association is claiming that from low-fat food items children should get 30 to 40% of calories.

Consuming high vegetable is decreasing the risk of mortality and developing chronic disease. However, in Australia, children within 5 to 8 years old should consume vegetables. Daily intake is increasing to 5.5 servings for children within 5 to 9 years old. Thus, in the appropriate age group, intake of vegetable is only around 1.3 servings.

Different options for vegetables

Several researchers are recruiting around 33 families with children around 5 to 7 years old. However, the reports are present about the less consumption of vegetables. Team of researchers is asking parents on answering the online survey and attends the meeting of information.

Researchers are making the three groups. In the first group, there are kids eating only one vegetable. In second, there are kids eating multiple vegetables and in third, kids continuing with their daily diet. Thus, researchers are measuring with the help of two dinner meals and are recording the intake of vegetable. This record is comparing with the report of parent and records of food. Thus, the team is acquiring the data and keeping the follow up after every 3 months.

Extra choices, extra food they eat

The team is finding no differences within the groups at baseline of vegetable intake. While having dinner, if children are eating the food without parents it does not mean that it is increasing the intake. But it means that they are accepting the consumption of vegetables.

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