Bhutan is planning on controlling the arrival of Indian tourists

Bhutan is planning on controlling the arrival of Indian tourists

Bhutan is the long shelter for travelers in love of the mountains and hospitality depriving the enormous price. On the other hand, Bhutan is now having populations of travelers, specifically from India. The government of Bhutan is developing schemes where a nation is staying at a private place for tourists.

Apparently, because of growing tourist arrival in Bhutan, and various forms of foreign travel are removing the country product list. Bhutan is turning in a swarming and noisy destination.

Moreover, travelers paying a huge amount are complaining about receiving hotel rooms while paying. The regional travelers from Bangladesh, Maldives or India are getting the rooms at affordable prices. In addition, travelers feel that Bhutan is having too much crowd, serenity, and happiness is the main characteristic of the country.

As per the reports, the government of Bhutan is forecasting for maintaining the exclusiveness of the country. This is driving the cap on the arrival of travelers and rates less fee from travelers from Maldives, Bangladesh, and India. It is recommending the Pay Commission.

Although, planning is the progress for standardizing the accommodations at low prices in Bhutan. And endures accepting the specific amount of regional travelers.

Thus, the Bhutan Tourism Council is planning for keeping the track of facilities providing in Bhutan hotels. This is also regulating the entry of vehicles at the border of Bhutan and ensure about the specific amount of travelers in vehicles. As per the report of the Bhutan Pay Commission, regional travelers have to pay minimum SDF (Sustainable Development Fee). While beginning, regional travelers have to pay SDF of around 600 Ngultrums by the government of Bhutan. Bhutan is receiving around 180000 regional travelers. And the number is reaching to the arrival of international tourists in the country.

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