Chemically Disturbed: Environmental Hazards By Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers rapidly increase plant growth. But, it also results in contamination of ecology. Thus, causing irreparable damage. They are also used for beautification of crops.

Chemical fertilizers are playing a major role. The fertilizers are also enhancing the food taste. They are a combination of various nutrients in proportion. They consist of macronutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen.

Fertilizers are of two types inorganic and organic. Inorganic fertilizers come from chemicals whereas organic fertilizers come from natural constituents like animal, plant and organic waste.

Chemical fertilizers and their harmful effects:

Water contamination

The biggest problem of chemical fertilizers is absorbing the chemicals in soil. This is directly getting absorbed in the groundwater. The fertilizers are present in the form of chemicals and are easily absorbed by the soil. Thus, from groundwater, the chemicals are directly carried to the water bodies. This helps in keeping the animal and plant alive. And this is the beginning of various problems.

Researchers are claiming that in chemical fertilizers there are constituents like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. NPK is creating the zone known as the dead zone. This is making the plants of aquatic and the planktons grow very rapidly. After the growth of planktons, fertilizers are consuming an appropriate amount of oxygen in the water. Thus, it is blocking the extra oxygen to get in the water bodies.

Chemical fertilizers are harmful to aquatic animals, needing oxygen for survival. This is causing the death of aquatic animals. On using the chemical fertilizers daily, there is the absence of aquatic animals in the river.

Concerns of Global Warming

Global warming is occurring due to the excess production of carbon dioxide. The other cause of global warming is nitrogen. Globally, engines, power plants, and cars are the main sources releasing nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. Thus, the use of chemical fertilizers is adding nitrogen in the atmosphere.


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