Chinese Superfoods are good for perfect skin and collagen

Chinese Superfoods are good for perfect skin and collagen

Supplements of collagen and collagen-rich bone broth is a current natural beauty trend in the United States and have younger looking skin. However, the significant structural protein encourages healing in the body and supports smooth skin and strengthen hair. It is present in connective tissue and bones of animals, comprising pig’s feet, with fungi and plants.  

Collagen’s nutritious advantages are the new trend amongst beauty-obsessed with West. Where women of China are consuming exotic collagen-rich foods for healthy-looking, porcelain skin. However, gelatinous ingredients are not having much flavor, but it is famous in Shanghai, where prettiest women are in China.  

Fish Maws

The swim bladders are supporting large fish stay afloat and track down from various fish, comprising the totoaba, Pacific Coast, Mexico. However, male fish bladders are thick and hard to chew whereas female bladders are gentler. People are selling it by drying in the Conventional Chinese Medicine shops and rehydrating before eating, making it slippery and soft. Chinese people are serving fish maw in soups, and are cooking it with mushrooms and vegetables. Although, thick, large pieces of fish maw are deliberating the high quality and cover more collagen than the shredded, thinner variations. Thus, Yi Long Court braises quality fish maw with broccoli and black mushroom in the oyster sauce.

Bird’s Nest

The edible nest is made by bird saliva and the most expensive of the beautifying foods. However, the nests are hand-harvesting from corners of high cave, difficult and hazardous process. Nests are mostly light yellow or white, as rare red nests are already present. Although, bird’s nest mostly serves the savory or sweet soup and high-end Cantonese and Chinese restaurants having bird’s nest preparations. Though, Yong Yi Ting at Mandarin Oriental Pudong is serving imperial bird’s nest in best broth. Whereas Yi Long Court at Peninsula is serving the best bird’s nest soup with the crab meat of red king. The Bird’s nest is critical to locate in the United States and origins and authenticity are found at a shop in Chinatown.

Sea Cucumber

Sea cucumbers are animals, not vegetables. Mostly they are scavengers on the floor of the ocean and look like fat worms or dark cucumbers. As Jin Xuan is offering the collagen braising fish maw with the sea cucumber in the boiling stock of chicken.

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