Consumption of these food items is increasing our health risk

Consumption of these food items is increasing our health risk

The food that we consumed directly affects our wellbeing. Many times, the effects can also be adverse. Thus, it has become very important to put a check on our food consumption. Many food items that we purchase regularly are causing obesity and type 2 diabetes. People in the U.S are getting conscious about their dietary habits due to the same reason.

According to nutritionists, an idle diet for an adult consist of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and an adequate amount of fat, salt, and sugar. It can be challenging but, the results are extremely benefiting.

The new trends in the healthy diet club consist of intermittent fasting, ketogenic, Atkins, no and low carb.

Ultra-Processed Foods

Even though in high demand, ultra-processed foods are severely affecting people’s health. They come with a convenience that attracts consumer attention resulting in high demand and supply.

Ultra-processed foods contain sugar, salt, and fat at extremely high levels. But, the additives that make them so desirable are the ones causing ill effects.

Scientists all across the globe are working on understanding the consequence of consuming these foods. However, on focusing on the content of sugar and fat, scientists have realized the effects of additives.

Researchers are also majorly focusing on sausage, cheese, pastries, pasta, chocolate, and biscuits, where production is carried out in isolated locations. Instead of asking the participants for cutting down the products from the diet, researchers are concentrating on sourcing the food.

Additives Assessment

Researchers are assessing a different range of parameters like diastolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure weight, and height. However, researchers are also concentrating on measuring the abdominal fat and complete fat and different levels of depression and anxiety in consumers. The Beck Depression Inventory Questionnaire is being mainly used in this assessment.

Blood samples of consumers are being used for measuring the level of C-peptide, blood glucose, potassium, sodium, insulin, and creatine. However, scientists are also calculating the scores of HOMA. A medical center is taking the scores of HOMA into consideration to study it further. Finding says that the beta-cell indicator is responsible for the resistance of insulin.


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