Countries that make you feel rich with INR

Countries that make you feel rich with INR

This world is a much better place if you have money. To buy whatever you wish for and travel around the world. With money, also comes a long bucket list of places that are affordable and cheap.  There are several countries for Indians to travel, where Indian currency rules strongly and backpackers can focus on various luxury.


People should book their tickets to Hungary as this nation is different in presuming the expensive European experience. An individual can spend some evenings in Budapest, where Indian Rupee is making fast at 4.13 Hungarian Forints and have no trouble in chilling.


Wild lovers do not have to wait for the trip to Mongolia, the dream destination of adventurers across the world. However, the delight of a photographer’s Mongolia is having the culture for fascinating the trip and come back. The trip to Mongolia is amazingly cost-effective as 1 Indian Rupee will make the individual richer by around 35.5 Mongolian Tugriks.


Iceland is one of the most striking Nordic island nations. A typical experience for the adventure seekers and lovers of nature makes Iceland a cost-effective destination. The value of Indian Rupee is around 1.56 Icelandic Krona that makes feel rich by the rupee.

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is for nature lovers and cannot struggle with its appeal, and plan a trip. However, a trip will not troupe a dent in a wallet for swapping an Indian Rupee. It costs 8.27 Costa Rican Colon. Thus, the rainforest explorations are coming true, as Costa Rica is loud than before.


Japan shows the elegant cherry blossom trees coloring the landscape. However, the Indian Rupee is touching the large valuation of around 1.60 Japanese Yen. In such deals, people should not repel the trip to Japan.


Vietnam is the country of spectacular landscapes and kind people, following after Bali for the affordable travel destinations from India. Here, 1 Indian Rupee after swapping converts into around 334.68 Vietnamese Dong, making to feel like the dream of being Richie Rich.


Indonesian Rupiah is equal to around 0.0050 Indian Rupees. Indonesia is the favorite option for a long trip. Therefore, luxury in Indonesia arises easily and is affordable for Indian travelers. However, it is binding in love with Bali.

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