Countries which allows Indian Driving License for driving

Countries which allows Indian Driving License for driving

Traveling to various shores is the best opportunity that life is offering. For gathering new experiences to develop the mind and discover the far extents of the world. However, on just imaging, if the host country will allow enjoying the good drive. Thus, the flat-tire will set back, but having a road trip on foreign roads is out of the world.

Although, there is a list of countries across the globe allowing the Indian driving license are:

Great Britain:

Trinity of Wales, Scotland and England are allowing Indian tourists to drive for a duration of one year on road by providing a valid license. But the disadvantage is that the person can drive the class of vehicle present in a license.


On the short trip to Germany, the authorities will be accepting the driving license of India, no matter which two-wheeler or car is driven. Whereas it is not compulsory for getting International Driving Permit (IDP), is sensible to keep it as document allows translation. This will be supportive to local authorities to study the identifications. However, getting IDP is not possible and get a change of driving license from Germany diplomatic mission.


People can easily fulfill their dreams of traveling the blissful Swiss Alps by compelling the navigation in hands. It is possible if there is the presence of a lawful driving license in India.


In Australia, people can freely drive around in Australia with driving license of India, whereas Northern Territory does not allow. Even though on getting the permit to drive on a valid license, people can get in the class of vehicles present in a license.


If people are traveling to Sweden, but don’t have a driving license in German, French, English, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish language. The best solution is to bring the copy of driving license in the above languages with official ID proof or photograph.

New Zealand:

If the driving license is containing the English language, then the person can drive in Kiwi Land for twelve months. And if the license is not in English, then the person can go to the translator to get it done and authorize it by New Zealand Transport Agency.

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