Different ways for measuring on customer

Different ways for measuring on customer

Marketers are trading with digital world challenges. The increase in digital channels number, platforms and devices is creating ways for marketers reaching customers. It is creating the most difficult for the journey of the consumer. Thus, studying efficient marketing becoming most critical as marketing struggling to get actionable and accurate data on the customer. Although, success is mostly depending on the right tools for making sense for interacting with consumers with brands and determine the sales and appropriate outcome.

On the other hand, Nielsen’s current infographic are looking at the development of the behavior of the customer in the digital age. Whereas marketers can be ready for the growing difficulty in a journey of a customer. While considering the facts, adults are spending around 11 hours every day where consuming media are listening to the radio, watching TV and use a tablet or smartphones.  Moreover, 50% of people are using digital devices for watching TV. This will open several opportunities for marketers to reaching customers expending their online lives. Recently, 70% of Americans are doing the online purchase and 80% of owners of smartphone for purchasing the phones. Although, in the coming years, around 2.15 Bn people are buying services and goods online and 18% of retail purchases are making online.

On the other hand, marketers are replying to trends by the increase in savings in Digital Media. The expenses on a digital advertisement will reach USD 325 Bn, with 72% is dedicating their spending on the formats of mobile. On what basis marketers are measuring the effectiveness of efforts and control the power of digital to benefit?

There are some practices for considering:
  • Using the solution of measurement for analyzing user-level, granular data for distinct views of performance
  • Incorporate channel data for viewing and reduplicate audiences amongst devices and channels
  • Partnering with vendors difficult for closing media coverage gaps needing a measurement

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