Esophageal Cancer may be caused by hot tea

Esophageal Cancer may be caused by hot tea

 If the morning of people is not well deprived of the cup of piping hot tea, which makes sure that the person is a die-hard tea lover. From the occasions of dealing with daily stress, a life of people rotates around the beverage and many of them love piping hot tea. The sip of tea is not less in finding comfort in a tough life.

As per the current research, consuming piping hot tea may result in esophageal cancer. Drinking tea at a very high temperature can be an important reason for causing cancer. Particularly, if people drinking alcohol excessively with chain smoking or habituated to tobacco in any form. It was discovered that people having these habits are more prone to different types of cancer and having a huge risk of esophageal cancer.

In the year 2019, as per the report of the American Cancer Society, there will be the presence of more than 17,700 new cases of esophageal cancer and around 15,000 people may die from it.

On the basis of the outlook of a person, the Society anticipates that more than 20% of individuals diagnosed with esophageal cancer live for 5 years after diagnosis.

Various factors might increase the risk of people developing esophagus cancer accordingly. This involves the male people older than 55, containing acid reflux, or having a high diet in processed meats.

Many of the scientists have suggested that frequently drinking hot liquids increasing the risk of esophageal cancer.

Dr. Farhad Islami, Strategic Director of Cancer Surveillance Research at the American Cancer Society, studied the habits of drinking tea prospectively.

The scientists clinically monitored the participants for the average period of around 10 years, within 2005 and 2018. According to this, 318 people established esophageal cancer.

Scientists have divided the temperature of tea into different temperatures. Very hot means temperature above 60°C and lukewarm or cold means temperature below 60°C.

In the analysis, scientists considered a “described shorter time from pouring tea to drinking”. It on a scale within 2 and 6 minutes and “reported preference for hot drinking tea”.

Drinking more than 750 milliliters of “very hot” tea every day raising the chances of esophageal cancer by 95%. On comparing the drinking of the same amount of lukewarm or cold tea.

Many of the scientists conclude that “Our results substantially strengthen the existing evidence supporting an association between hot beverage drinking and [esophageal cancer risk]”.

Dr. Islami and their colleagues commented that “It may thus be a reasonable public-health measure to extrapolate these results to all types of beverages, and to advise the public to wait for beverages to cool to [lower than] 60°C before consumption”.

Mainly it was discovered that Asian countries are mostly drinking hot tea accordingly. In addition, the study was carried in China and was printed in the Annals Of Internal Medicine Journal. After the study, China is having a huge number of people having esophageal cancer.

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