First Customer Marketing Campaign is launched by Twitter in India

First Customer Marketing Campaign is launched by Twitter in India

Twitter is announcing about launching the first campaign of customer marketing in India known as WeTweet. Twitter claims that the campaign is hypothesizing by Leo Burnett, India.

It is tracing the story of the imaginary NoShowerDay movement on the platform and completes the reverence to the movements occurring in India. However, Twitter is marking the hashtags such as #KeralaFloods and discussion on the air quality of Delhi reflecting in hashtag #Breath.

The company mentions about 360 campaign comprising TV and online films, OOH, digital and on-ground activations in colleges. Thus, the span is of 6-8 weeks through cities in India focusing on Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Twitter, India MD, Manish Maheshwari claims about the Twitter’s public, conversational and live nature. However, it is an idea about users and gives voice to people for hearing.

From several years, millennials of India are showing the power by various social movements present on the platform. However, the conversation of the public is making a big change in communities, colleges, and other countries. Chief Creative Officer and MD India, Rajdeepak Das mentions that the best brand in the country is Twitter. Although, NoTweet is minor in the campaign of Tweet are reflecting the greatness of the brand showing the initiative on Twitter resulting in a movement.

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