First Gene-Editing Food is discovered

First Gene-Editing Food is discovered

Calyxt has transformed into shiny new glass and Steel headquarters on the borders of Minneapolis after her car was pulled into a freshly transferred parking lot and moved towards the front door of a biotech firm. It caught Dan Voytas, the company’s chief science officer, as he was departing. Calyxt asked Dan Voytas, “Um, is this a medical marijuana facility?” wandering her eyes to the rows of greenhouse gases behind the property and high fences protecting them. They were developing something more creative and controversial i.e. gene-edited food crops.

Breeders and farmers are working on the DNA of the plants been consumed by humans for millennia. With the influential new gene-editing technologies been developed over the last five years, researchers can now subtract or add the plant genes with extraordinary precision and quickness parting first-generation GMOs, with burdensome rules and stigma in the dust. Big and small companies have accepted the technology of making products. As different as climate change-resistant cacao as well as starchy corn for several adhesives. Calyxt has become the first to début a gene-edited food commercially and claims soybean oil to be made healthier.

Shoppers cannot buy the oil, the product of soybean plants been corrected to generate few saturated fats and zero trans fats. But CEO of Calyxt’s Jim Blome claims that people are already consuming gene-edited food crops. Calyxt mentions its oil is having the heart-healthy fat profile of olive oil deprived of the strong and grassy flavor. Calyno, known oil, records the moment in human history of working with plant DNA. It indicates the food arrival been genetically transformed to make the life of farmers easier, and make customer’s tummies happier.

Voytas comment

Voytas commented that “Right now the food industry solves all its problems through processing or chemistry”. “We’d like to do it through genetics and gene-editing.” Additionally, on soybean oil, Calyxt is functioning on wheat with fiber and fewer potatoes and gluten that can be out in cold storage very securely deprived of gathering sugars catalyzing the chemicals causing cancer when baked at high temperature.

Moreover, manufacturing the new nutritional attributes flinches on the top floor of the Calyxt lab. The researchers design the molecules of gene-editing on computer screens and pipetting robots build them accordingly. The most recognized gene editor is CRISPR, as Calyxt are using different set of DNA-cutting enzymes known as TALENs. Further, in the year 2010, Dan Voytas has discovered the method in plant genetics lab at Minnesota University. For several years, Voytas and his grad students were very busy in generating TALENS for scientists. Who wanted to supercharge the toolbox of plant gene tinkering.

Voytas commented that “Then Crispr came along and you didn’t really need the Voytas lab anymore”. Several researchers were working on sterile plant-tissue culture labs, where seeds are sorted, embryonic plant cells are transferred to agar-filled Petri dishes and provide the custom-designed TALENs. Then the cells are covered in leaf and root stimulating hormones and allow them to grow till they become big to punch out the material of leaf to sequence and check if the edit was done correctly. 

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