Food Containing Potassium, Highly Recommended by Experts

In the body processes, potassium is playing a major role. The most famous food containing potassium is banana. However, other foods are not containing an appropriate amount of potassium.

Potassium is the electrolyte supporting the regulation of fluid and levels of blood in the body. Thus, several vegetables and fruits are the best sources containing potassium. Moreover, nuts, yogurt, milk, and meat are also sources of potassium.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, potassium is very high in diet and less sodium. However, the electrolyte in processed foods is reducing blood pressure and is decreasing the threat of stroke and heart disease.

Hence, the appropriate intake of potassium is around 3500 Mg every day for men and for women 2700 Mg.

As per the Office of Dietary Supplements, the total value of potassium is increasing the intake to around 4800 mg.

However, banana is containing around 420 mg of potassium in each fruit.


The most excellent source of potassium is potatoes. However, baked potatoes are still the best option for potassium. In potatoes, potassium is present in the skin of potatoes.

Thus, the skin of a baked potato is containing around 950 mg of potassium. However, consuming baked potato in the absence of salt, where a person can ignore sodium.

In French fries, there are no nutrients. However, it is containing the addition of fat from oil and the process of frying, which is making is the option of less healthiness. Thus, fries are containing enormous sodium on counteracting the advantages of potassium.


Various dry fruits are containing potassium in huge amounts. Whereas, apricots are the fruit of bright orange color which is consumed by people dried or fresh.

However, dried apricots are containing almost 1,000 mg of potassium, providing the main nutrients like antioxidants and iron.

Hence, on purchasing the dried apricots, it is very important for searching for those not containing sugar. Whereas people can eat these dried apricots as a snack, in main meals or can be added in salads.


They are round and small legumes containing fiber and are rich in protein.

Hence, cooked lentils are containing around 730 mg of potassium.

Lentils are the best option for stews or soups. However, people searching for lentils are using canned lentils instead of dried lentils. It is very significant for rinsing the canned lentils for removing sodium before use.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are the most nutritious foods. In one of the study, it is discovering of serving leafy vegetables supporting in declining the cognition related to age.

Leafy vegetables are containing very fewer calories and a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. However, many of them are providing the appropriate amount of potassium.


The other type of dry fruit containing a huge amount of potassium is raisins. The best snack food consumed by people is raisins.

However, half a cup of raisins is containing around 619 mg of potassium.

Thus, on considering the healthful type, raisins are containing dried grapes without sugar, different coatings, and other constituents.


They are present in various colors, shapes, and sizes. However, many of them are containing a huge amount of fiber and a proper dose of potassium.

Kidney beans are red in color, whereas legumes of kidney shape are useful in chili, soup or the dish of baked beans.

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