Freeze gets the permission to travel for Liberty

Hugh Freeze, Liberty coach mentions that the back is feeling better. However, he is not sure about traveling to Louisiana on the weekend game.

Freeze claims that he will allow a doctor to guide and know that for going to the away game he will be able to sit for around four to five hours.

For the game, Flames has left for Lafayette, Louisiana.

Freeze underwent the surgery of back and was also suffering from staph infections. This infection was discovered by doctors at the time of the procedure. However, Freeze is taking part in the practices from then by the hookups of video to the hotel room next to campus. Thus, there is no permission to Freeze for climbing the steps at the townhouse of the family in Lynchburg. Hence, technology is playing a major role in communicating with the coaches and the players from the hotel room.

After opening the season of Liberty against No. 21 Syracuse, Freeze is entering the stadium in a wheelchair. However, he is watching the game from the bed of the hospital set in the boxes of coaches.

Before beginning the game, Freeze is addressing the team during the halftime and after the game with the help of video. However, he is also having a media session with the help of technology.

First and the second is playing against Orange in the first season of Liberty, claims Freeze. Thus, he is consulting with the defensive coaches on the primary third-down calls. Hence, it is very difficult in observing the clock of the game at different times.

Freeze comments that sitting in the chair is not at all comfortable.

Recently, Freeze underwent MRI and is experiencing the new distress. He comments that doctors had discovered the severe amount of fluid present in the nerves and doctor did the operation. Thus the problem doesn’t exist now. He claims that now he can sleep in bed both ways without any problem.

Thus, Freeze is waiting for doctors to inform that he can perform the normal activities.

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