From horse oil to ant-egg oils, beauty industry is leaving no stone unturned

From horse oil to ant-egg oils, beauty industry is leaving no stone unturned

Nowadays, people are turning to unconventional options for treating several ailments. Thus, treatments are having the approval of doctors, not deterring desperate or enthusiastic users on trying such products. Many of the constituents are flaunting to be advantageous for beauty and skincare and demand in precise regions. Many of the animal oils are available in city markets and has several advantages for curing body aches to eliminate unnecessary hair. 

Ant Egg Oil:

Ant egg oil are removing the body hair permanently and few retailers are selling it in city and present online. Thus, oil is originating from Turkey and useful for reducing the presence of body hair for children, men and women.

Emu Oil:

Emu Oil is useful in treating minor wounds, body aches and useful as moisturizer. However, it is available in deposits of fat in the bird. Although, emu oil is useful for hair oil and joint pains. Even the demand is going down in city in past years. Thus, the demand is more in international market.

On explaining the technique of oil extraction, it is mentioning that oil and meat is taken out from same bird. Hence, after killing the bird, the fat is taken out from bird and process it in oil.

Horse Oil:

On stepping in the Miniso stores in Hyderabad, is the Japanese brand. One cannot help but notice these beauty products. As per the, Horse oil and products of horse oil are useful for centuries in Far East. It is helpful for curing the skin complaints like eczema, cuts and burns. On obtaining it from fat, horse oil is containing the necessary fatty acid known as linolenic acid in sheep and cow.

Linolenic acid has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in maintaining and repairing the skin barrier.

With the help of this, it will keep moisture in and bad stuff out, contributing to glowing and healthy skin.

However, brands are selling the products for maintaining the oil extracting from horses killing for meat and oil.

Thus, horse oil and horse oil products are present from centuries in Far East for treating skin complaints like eczema, cuts and burns.

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