Gut Microbes Impact Chronic Conditions such as Diabetes and Obesity

It is becoming all the more important to take care of your belly in order to lead a disease-free healthy life. Hence, we must pay greater attention to what we eat all day long. Before becoming completely drug dependent, let us all change our eating habits to stay healthier. What we eat is directly affecting our internal balance both positively and negatively. Therefore several new innovations are also taking place to take a close look at the microbe environment in our abdomen.

Dietary Changes Can Restrict Chronic Diseases with Improved Abdominal Wellbeing

We are going to look at some of the big innovations in the microbiome and also food facts to improve gut health. One Mr. Guru Banavar who is heading technological developments in Viome is sharing some of his thoughts. The company is mainly working closely in the realm of drugs and healthcare. To effectively restrict disease occurrences, Viome is carrying out vital research in medicine and food. Banavar will also talk at length at Food Health and Technology Meet. The program is happening in the last week of October. Several other big names in the food industry will also be joining him. Gut Microbes are impacting blood sugar levels. They can also influence weight management and skin conditions.

Indian Origin Guru Banavar Speaks on Gut Microbes and Dietary Habits to Regulate Them

Speaking at an interview Banavar recalled his Indian roots and also was talking about poor health and welfare conditions of the country as he was growing up. Then he started working in Spoken Web. Banavar is also emphasizing the growing number of chronic diseases. His daughter is also suffering from persistent disease symptoms of flu and migraines.

Hence he is hoping to understand the reason behind most chronic ailments. Banavar is hoping to get new developments in Viome that will help him find answers to many diseases. Banavar, talking about Viome and abdomen wellbeing has named specific organisms that reside in the gut. Bacteria, archaea, and fungi are residing in our abdomen. He is also adding that changing regular diet can have a better result on these organisms that will eventually improve abdominal health.

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