Healthy Dietary Habits and Regular Exercise Regime Combats Depression

There are roughly 300 million people living with depression. Depression often leads to the unfulfilling professional outcome as well as dissatisfying personal relationships. Not treating depression timely also lead to several complications. Hence, sleeping disorders, lack of concentration, and even suicidal feelings are just some of the many manifestations of acute depression. Therefore, researchers are trying to develop a new and effective treatment for depression. Timely medication, as well as counseling, are some of the most common answers to depression. Recent studies are also supporting the powerful role of daily exercise and a healthy diet in fighting depression. Therefore, routine exercise and healthy food habits are essential to fight depression.

Poor Nutritional Intake Impacting Mental Health, Affirm Studies

Many doctors are also believing that exercise and healthy food are preventing depression. There are a number of foods that are not good for mood. Doctors are claiming the benefits of healthy food in fighting depression. Also, junk food is increasing episodes of depression. According to experts, unhealthy foods containing high energy but have poor nutrition. Some of the foods in this line are fried foods, potatoes, high salt, flour, and several snacks. Lack of high fiber foods and low grains are impacting nutrition intake. These foods are leaving a high amount of energy but very low nutrition offerings. Hence, mental health is suffering from such food intake.

Some of the countries such as France, Croatia, Greece, Egypt, and Israel are reporting the lowest rates of depression and mental disorders. This is closely associated with their eating habits. Hence, several studies are analyzing the exact food habits in these countries. Therefore, fiber rich foods are extremely important. Hence foods rich in dairy, fiber, and fruits are good for depression. So, some of the benefitting food types are dairy, fish, fruits, grains, vegetables, and water. Hence, Japanese food is also promising a good effect on mental health. This is because they are high in fiber and soy content.

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