Hormone disruptors may be harmful to skin

Hormone disruptors may be harmful to skin

When it arises from trying to be healthy, people are very confused about what should be put on their bodies. People are aware that processed and junk food is not good and anything that is been sprayed with pesticides can mostly to do with a good rinse before eating. Turns out, favorite everyday beauty products are mostly secretly packed with constituents that are causing a mess with hormones.

The endocrine system i.e. the system where all the hormones are concealed into the blood and affected by daily pollutants and toxins. The pollutants are faking hormones in acting in various ways that are supposed to behave and are known as ‘endocrine disruptors’. These changes to hormones and can source anything from cancer, illnesses, birth defects and irregular periods.

Angelique Panagos, Nutritionist and Hormonal Health Expert claim that ‘we’re exposed to over 80,000 toxins, circulating in our environment every day’. Growth in the evidence that phthalates, bisphenol, pesticides, and chemicals behave as endocrine disruptors signifying on inhibiting the body’s carefully regulated hormonal system and are artificially surging the level of hormones in the body and hinder their essential and proper breakdown.

Co-founder of The Inkey List, Mark Curry claimed that ‘Certain chemicals such as dioxins, paraben, and BPA which have been clinically shown to interfere with the hormonal system are banned in the beauty industry and/or widely avoided by responsible companies’. Exposure to the hormone disruptors is not making major harm to the bodies.

Many endocrine disruptors are established in daily use products and need to be avoided or are decreased if the person is breastfeeding or pregnant.

Marie Reynolds, wellness and skin health expert claims that “Almost anything can be a hormone disruptor”. “The water you drink, toothpaste, food with pesticides or preservatives, shampoo, skincare, make-up, hair dye, tooth fillings, pollution, plastics, and medication are all, to some extent, endocrine disruptors”.

Marie said, “If we’re looking at hardcore hormone disruptors then recreational drugs and smoking are definitely the worst offenders”. “If you think how many chemicals one cigarette alone contains, it’s not surprising they’re so bad for us”.

Marie commented “I avoid paraben and phthalates in skincare and use mineral make-up where possible. I eat organic and do not drink tap water at all. The thing is to not over-obsess but try to eliminate what you can. Making small mindful changes every day will make a difference”.

How to purchase happy hormones

1.      Evade synthetic fragrances

Studies have shown the synthetic fragrances and phthalates having adverse effects on the thyroid irregularities and male reproductive system. Despite, appearance for natural perfumes are made from botanical ingredients and essential oils.

2.      Drain Plastic Packaging

It is hard and tries to drain plastic packaging when possible. This proves beauty products, water bottles and food packaging. On searching for plastic-free, cardboard or glass substitutes and doing a favor to environment and body.

3.      Paraben in beauty products avoided

Paraben is a provocative constituent and can be established in daily beauty products. It is mostly used as the type of preservative, for long shelf life. It is extensively used to damage the functioning of a hormone by impersonating estrogen.

Huge estrogen can activate the growth of tumors and cell division because of which paraben is linked to reproductive issues and breast cancer.

The real percentage of paraben in beauty products is tiny where people try to ignore it while choosing. 

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