How to get the confidence of the customer in product safety?

How to get the confidence of the customer in product safety?

Confidence of customer in products safety is what OPSS (Office for Product Safety and Standards) is doing. From the beginning, ministers want to feel the presence of the Office for delivering the results on building for the safety of the product.

However, the work of the office is depending on work. OPSS is publishing the national product safety strategy of the UK in ‘Consolidating National Capacity for Safety of Product. Whereas the Strategic Research Programme produces the strategic science-based research for strengthening the suggestion for developing the policy of product regulation.

The main milestone is the strategy document and supports regulatory officers and interrupts where national reach and expertise are necessary. However, the measures in use by Office involve the development of the Code of Practice Assisting PAS 7100 by BSI. Although, the national standard body of the UK is making it strong standards accessible for Trading Standards Officers.

The code is covering the corrective actions considering supporting the business plan for dealing with the safety issue of the product. However, the issue is arising with product positioning in the market or distribute it. Although, OPSS is training around 350 officers of trading standards on applying the code and hold the business of regional workshops.


OPSS is working with Trading Standards for making the stronger ability of the UK to stopping the hazardous products at the border. However, it is making the extra capitalization for assisting the local authority at entry in the UK by standards of national trading.

Although, in terms of the safety of a product, the landscape is significantly changing with product profusion, diverse and inventive means of production. Therefore, businesses and consumers confidence is the main theme.

However, good intelligence is necessary and sharing data and intelligence of the OPSS Intelligence unit with the partners, comprising national trading standards. OPSS is ordering research in the behavior of customers for assisting the policy depending on the evidence. This is supporting for registering the products making them easy to recall.

As Office is constructing the technical and scientific resources and expertise and facilities of NMO Technical Services confirms the assessment. The significant way of assisting the goods & services confidence is offering a guarantee to customers about services or products meeting the requirements.

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