Importance of Deep Tissue Massage

Importance of Deep Tissue Massage
What is the meaning of Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage mainly operates on deep layers of fascia, tendons, and muscles in the body. Hence, it is similar to Swedish massage, type of massage, where the therapist focuses on deep pressure and mild strokes. Thus, this massage decreases knots and scar tissue along with muscle fibers of the body and back, potential to heal the body.

What is the importance of getting a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage allows the breakdown of toxins and releases the metabolic waste present in the muscles to eliminate from the body. Whereas deep tissue massage labels as ‘knots’ bands of bonds, edgy, rigid tissue below skin causing pain, control movement. Thus, this type of massage is putting pressure on the grain of the muscle fiber to improve the adhesions.

Shipra Sharma, co-founder, Tattva Spa comments massage is an effective therapy to get rid of body pain and mental fatigue. Thus, it helps in reviving and rejuvenating. Hence, the process of deep tissue massage drains Ayurveda to endure herbal and natural constituents help in better and deep advantages.

Advantages of Deep Tissue Massage to Health:

Deep tissue massage is having various therapeutic effects and used for treating different conditions.

Drops blood pressure- Deep tissue massage is helpful in reducing cortisol and blood pressure levels.

Disrupts the Scar Tissue- Deep Tissue Massage helps in breaking the newly formed scar tissue after the wound. Whereas scar tissue can reduce the recovery process and create toughness.

Benefits accomplish labor pain & delivery- Therapy can reduce anxiety in pregnant mothers. Hence, deep Tissue Massage after and before labor increase the pain and decrease the pain of back and leg.

Decreases Chronic Back Pain: Deep Tissue Massage has the ability to lessen back pain by muscles relax and improve circulation.

Releases anxiety and stress- Hauling around extra muscle tension may cause inflammation leading to extra stress hormones causing mood swings. Whereas, massages may develop hormone production known as oxytocin and generate positive emotions.

Who should evade it?

If the person suffers from following ailments or issues, don’t choose Deep Tissue Massage, communicate to the doctor before choosing it-

1) Individuals suffering from osteoporosis

2) People identified with blood clots

3) Those with the continuing chemotherapy or underwent the chemo in the recent surgery. 

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