Japanese Airlines, ANA Invests in Virtual Traveling with its Newly Designed Travel Robot, Avatar

Japanese leading airline services, ANA Holdings is promising new and improved traveling experience. The company is investing extensively on virtual traveling. Hence, it is planning to launch a travel-friendly robot to give home travelers a feel of traveling without even venturing out. The name of this new travel partner is Avatar.

Talking about a use case, a couple from Oita Prefecture is constantly interacting with Avatar. The couple’s daughter is controlling all navigational activities of Avatar. She is based out of Tokyo. Hence the couple and their daughter are a thousand miles apart. The company is developing this virtual travel partner with NEC. Hence with this development, the airlines are trying to improve the in-flight experience. The airlines are also willing to give high-quality training and knowledge sharing amongst their staff. They are trying to deliver high standards of travel training to flight attendants.

Hence, ANA is hoping to meet all in-flight challenges. It was back in 2018 that ANA was introducing this new training system. Therefore, at that time, a total of 800 new cabin staff were receiving VR based training for three different areas. These areas were equipment checking in-flight and sudden fire break-outs in internal chambers.

According to one, Kazuhiro Sakai who is one of the leading names in NEC, the company is holding great potential in VR applications. Therefore, ANA is relying heavily on NEC to own a highly functional virtual workplace. This virtual work ecosystem is helping to get the best results without any compromise at the same time and space.

This new virtual travel plan with the help of Avatar is depending on advanced features and devices such as VR goggles and haptic suits to allow real-time experience. This too, without really having to board a real flight with real tickets.

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