Laurie Anderson travelled to the moon with VR artwork

Laurie Anderson travelled to the moon with VR artwork

There are many questions that are often asked. For her and her Taiwanese collaborator, fresh media artist Hsin-Chein Huang, are permitting VR for the magnificent synthesis of various mind-expanding explorations and artistic forms like sheer wonder, immersive engagement, fantastical narrative, film, social and political criticism, music and movement.  And most significantly, a chance for contributors to increase their imaginative world. The latest work is “To The Moon”, immersive extravaganza of around 25 minutes, as most determined in the association of around 20 years.

Anderson commented “As a child, I thought I came from the sky”, and will identify fans in “To the Moon” features of thought from the album of Strange Angels in the year 1989. An enthusiastic supporter of the new medium said “Artists since the beginning of time have wanted you to get lost in their world. VR offers you that in a way that is unique”. The horrible headset is instantaneously elapsed as gut-lurching suddenness shatters the “floor” beneath. And are troupe off, insubstantial traveler of space in the wonder of the galaxy.  

It is rapidly discarded on the surface of the Moon, shuddering to face and discover a series of adventures accordingly. Visions like ghost dinosaurs made of mathematical symbols disintegrate into nothing on navigating near to them. Sparkling diamond-shaped mountain slurps amongst giant peaks, dangerously close, lots of spinning, repulsive space junk smashes in the screen before realizing that there has been immense growth behind materializes the massive, frighteningly beautiful sight of Earthrise.


Dinosaur turned Cadillac is astonishingly coarse touch, as the word “democracy” is cracking into the emptiness amongst the stars. And cannot end without the specter of phantom Stripes and Stars. It is regarding the political direction, territory, ecology and huge scientific inquiry. For Anderson, the appointment with space is going back to the year 2002, when Anderson was the first and to date artist in residence at NASA. Here, several facilities like the Hubble Space Telescope can be inspected and detail to nanotechnologists and astronauts. A solo tour was started with the poetic work known as “The End of the Moon” and followed the new opportunity of technological development in work. Hsin-Chien Huang, as per Anderson “does ALL of the work” in partnership. Claims that Hsin-Chien Huang aims “to get the newest media, and see what the art can do with it”.

In this case, it has created a Moon of the imagination, instead of the celebration of the real thing. Before fifty years, in real life, men contended the vision of ages by walking on the correct lunar surface. Rock samples were obtained and were not bothered to return back. On departing, it might be said that the “Moon” safe for dreamers. Artists have communicated about the ways where VR is creating a war of insights. A sensory overload that proves to decide which one to go at the given moment. This mostly happened with “To the Moon” that can hardly remember the music. Artists were too terrified and overwhelmed. Hands of artists were drenched when the headset was pulled and legs were weak for half an hour. 

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