List of “chemicals of concern” published by Taiwan

At the end of the year, Taiwan is deciding on publishing the list of a draft of different concerns of chemical.

In Taiwan, the word is not similar to those useful in the US under TSCA or SoCs and SVHCs under the reach of the EU. As an alternative, it is referring to different substances causing the concern of the public in the country. It is following the different occurrences of industrial accidents, public health scandals, and food contamination.

Deputy Director-General, EPA’s Toxic and Chemical Substance Bureau, Ms. Chen claims of having the procedure of assessing and screening standards. Therefore, in the consultation with different stakeholders for identifying the substances are using the approach of risk-based management.

While speaking at the Conference of International Chemical and Mercury Management in Taipei City are focusing on the substances. There is the presence of the different characteristics of the substances focusing on the concerns of food safety and corrosive toxicants. They are also concentrating on huge level of hazards, risk of accident and the substances present in high volumes.

There is the addition of different concerns of chemical for not regulating the hazardous substances of chemical. They are not the main subject for the requirements in systems recovery of risk response. Thus, it also helps in identifying the substance as toxic. It is also concentrating on submitting the manifests of transport and helps in using the tracking systems for transportation.

Importers or manufacturers have to submit the applications for handling purposes. Hence, they are enduring the requirement of SDS (safety data sheet) and labeling. Thus, they are also reporting the different records of use or specific handling.

Different substances list is compiling in the right of TCSCCA (Toxic and Chemical Substances of Concern Control Act). It will also help in the regulation of different authorities. The Act is present in the form of law in January and will be applicable on January 2020.

As per the previous regulations, TCSCCA is renaming and is widening the scope. Therefore, TCSCA (Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act) are including different concerns of chemical in the presence of hazardous chemicals.

On implementing the Act, the addition will enhance the number of regulation. The number is around 350 hazardous chemicals.

Chen claims of releasing the new rules of the administration of EPA. Thus, it is supporting the different Act with the help of the notice of public comment.

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