L’Oreal Invests Actively in Damage Control Products for Cosmetic Needs of City Dwellers

L’Oreal CEO just hosted an event as the brand was busy for a beauty conference in Vancouver. The guest list was rather long, comprising over 800 heads. Therefore the event was also focusing on glamorous entertainment, making Jean-Paul Agon host the event.

The evening was an eventful one. There was a complete arrangement. Organizers focused on every detail. Therefore, guests and onlookers enjoyed the splendor of the event. However, just that very morning, activists of Greenpeace strongly opposed and challenged the forum. Consumer Goods Forum consists of active sellers and dealers. The activists were blaming the members of forest destruction.

L’Oreal Focuses on Skin and Hair Products for UV Protection

L’Oreal Cosmetics which is a French company has been dealing in specialized cosmetics for years. Additionally, it is also making serious efforts to pursue an eco-friendly business. During an interview during the day, Agon also insisted that rural dwelling doesn’t affect hair and skin quality. However, living in cities can reflect serious deficiencies in skin and hair health. Therefore, this is actually good for L’Oreal business, Agon insisted. Therefore, Loreal is making special efforts to improve product quality. Additionally, the company is also mainly developing skin and hair care products for city dwellers.

Further adding to his interview, Agon specified the need for better beauty components. Hence, L’Oreal is specifically focusing on shampoos, moisturizers, and UV protection products. Therefore, the company believes the city living population gives it an added advantage.
The gentleman also disclosed L’Oreal’s market value. Therefore, according to him, the L’Oreal market value is $155 billion. Additionally, the company is present in more than 130 countries. Also, employee strength is strong. Hence, according to him, a total headcount of L’Oreal is around 86,000 employees. Therefore, he also pointed out that several investors are interested to own stakes in the company as the company is doing great business.

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