Mayo Clinic Affirms Vaping to Cause Toxic Chemical Reaction-like Lung Injury

Vaping is the modern substitute for cigarette smoking. There is a growing concern of severe lung illness. Several experts are highlighting vaping as the main reason for this illness. Several people are falling ill after using vaping. Hence their lungs are showing severe wounds. Researchers and pathologists are carrying out a deep analysis of the condition. Therefore they are examining lung images of several victims.

These people used vaping at different levels and at various time frames. This vital analysis is going to help doctors understand several things about vaping and its injuries in the lungs. Additionally, the study is also going to help doctors develop proper diagnosis as well as treatment for the condition. Hence several big institutions such as the New England Journal of medicine are taking a special interest in studying vaping and its effects.

Scientists are saying that vaping illness looks very similar to strong chemical reactions. When a person is near a harmful chemical for long enough, his lungs show toxins. Hence, vaping is also resulting in the same condition. One Dr. Brandon Larsen who is currently working in the Mayo Clinic also supports the notion. He very often views and diagnoses such vaping conditions are gives his expert opinion on the same.

Recently he was carrying out an examination of lung vaping. He used a biopsy method to draw deductions. Out of 805, 17 cases are identifying vaping as the main reason for lung illness.

Dr. Larsen mainly studies samples from male patients between a wide age group of 19-67. Most of these cases were on marijuana vaping. However, several past studies were linking this lung illness to fat accumulation in the lungs. But Dr. Larsen and his team have contracted the notion. They are strongly suggesting vaping. This lung condition is very similar to toxic gas wounds or strong chemical reactions in the lung.

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