Mini and Full-size food processors are Revolutionizing the Way We Cook

Mini and Full-size food processors are Revolutionizing the Way We Cook

Food processors are the most useful appliances in the kitchen. They are having the ability to do multiple tasks instead of taking a lot of space in the kitchen. Several processors are working as standing mixer and blender with the exchangeable disks and blades.

There are various types of food processors available in the market. Food processors are mostly making your life very easy. However, all food processors are created very differently. Some food processors are very small that can perform very little work. Whereas there are some big which can prepare the food for many people. Some are having the high output of power working for a long time without motor burning. In the same way, some are blending for very little time before motor burning. Some of the food processors are selling with the attachments making food thin and even.

Mostly, in market, there are two types of food processors – full size and mini.

Full-size processors are mostly useful in processing a large number of ingredients. It is useful in grating pounds of sprouts and tons of cheese. This is also helpful in making the butter at home. The full-size processor is the tool for performing all types of kitchen work. However, they are very expensive and are useful mostly in a restaurant. So on considering the cost, people can purchase for the model which can be useful in the house.

Mini size processors are mostly useful for performing the chopping kind of duties. They cannot work on a large amount of food at a time. If you have to work on a lot of food using a mini processor than divide the food into two batches. This will be helpful for you and for a machine, instead of putting everything at the same time.

Many of the full-size processors are useful for grating, slicing. If the processor is opening at the top it is helpful in adding the food ingredient easily while running the motor. However, the processor opening from the top is mostly useful for the oil-based recipes such as pesto, mayonnaise and salad dressing. In the full-size processor, people can add oil by using a feeding tube instead of adding it at once. This will help in creating a silkier and smoother product.

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