New Airports Opening in 2019

Many of us will not spend more than necessary in the airport, but after the new transport hubs opening in 2019, it might make feel differently.

From the spaceship-like building in Israeli desert to remarkable Singaporean hub including the tallest indoor waterfall in the world as the new aviation spaces are taking airports to a new level.  

Here is the list of the airports that are opening in 2019-

Singapore Changi Airport – Singapore

Officially, the long-awaited development to Singapore’s Changi Airport the Jewel Changi Airport Complex will open in April 2019.

Jewel Changi considers as the central hub for the airport and interlinks the terminals of three airports.

It designed by architect Moshe Safdie and is the building of impress glass-panel, striking and doughnut-shaped, straddling around 1.5 million square foot.

The airport mostly cost SGD USD 1.8 Bn to construct.

Perhaps the Rain Vortex is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, enclosed by greenery.

The concept of plant heavy-design refers to Singapore’s reputation as the “City in Garden”.  

Asaf Ramon and IIan International Airport – Israel

The modernist structure enclosed by desert, as new airport costs USD 438 Mn to create and is the brainchild of Amir Mann-Ami Shinar Architects, in partnership with Moshe Tzur Architects.

According to CNN Travel, Amir Mann, Architect, Airport’s design manager, claims the low-rise, minimalistic building with glass panels that focuses to suggest the futuristic nature of air travel.

This airport situated around 20 km from Eilat and scatters over 1260 acres named after Ilan Ramon, the first astronaut of Israel and son Assaf Ramon, was an Israel Air Force F-16 Pilot.

Around two million passengers will transport through the airport and the room for development expected to increase to around 4.3 Mn passengers every year.

Mann commented that “We designed the Airport through a storyboarding process, just like a movie, testing the passenger experience at each stage”.

Carlisle Lake District Airport – England

The Lake District National Park is the rocky region of the UK, to uneven natural scenery.

The area’s eponymous airport is open for business in 2019 with flights to Belfast, Dublin, as well as London.

So there are various days that are leading up to a point, where some are doubtful regarding getting off the ground.

As flights are available to book now as well as routes will be functioned by Scottish airline Loganair.

Istanbul Airport – Turkey

Officially, the Istanbul airport will be opened in October 2019 as it is still running the Turkish Airlines Flights.

On the other hand, Turkish Airlines has declared plans to transform operations to a new airport in April.

Communicating at the Conference of Passenger Terminal in 2019, in London, legislatures from Istanbul Airport explained that the traffic cannot be transferred at once, as they think around Ataturk traffic will be the new airport.

Istanbul Airport was planned to open in stages as it is subject to a lot of controversies as well as delays like weather or the “green” airport.

The airport might not have opened, but the tulip-shaped control tower and outstanding design have won the first prize in the “Future projects Infrastructure” category at the World Architectural Festival of Berlin in 2016. Dr. Thomas Budd told CNN to travel that “To complete an airport project of this size in just three and a half years was challenging, not least in terms of ensuring timely operational readiness of all related facilities, systems, procedures and equipment needed to run the airport”.

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