New Australian Fungus Replaces Opioid in Pain Management Developments

Opioid consumption is resulting in several deaths. People are consuming high levels of an opioid to deal with excruciating pains. Hence opioid is serving as a good pain relief drug. However, opioid is also contributing towards addition as more people are depending largely on it. Scientists all over the world are carrying out research initiatives to develop substitutes for opioids. Hence, just recently, scientists are announcing the development of a new fungus that helps in pain management.

Hence, researchers and drug makers are saying that this particular fungus is a good choice over opioid in pain management. Two Australian universities, such as the University of Queensland and Sydney are carrying out further research to develop this novel drug with the fungus. There is also an application to get a patent for the new drug.

Patent Petitions and Pending Tests to Decide the Fate of Australian Fungus

These developments are at a very early stage and there is nothing concrete so far. Mr. Macdonald Christie who is the leading medicine department at the University of Sydney is saying that this new drug will advance pain relief treatment without causing any major side effects.

The fungus is coming from Australia. Several big drug companies are investing huge sums of money to develop a new drug for pain relief. Numerous scientific studies suggest that this Australian fungus is containing tetrapeptides. They are also not causing any addiction.

The professor is also adding that he and his team are now working on new tests. After the success of these tests, drug companies can develop new pain killers without an opioid. As opioid deaths are rising at a great pace, drug makers are more than happy to develop new substitutes.

The world is fighting opioid overdose. Painkillers that contain opioids are directly responsible for patient deaths when patients consume too much of it.

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