Organic Food being harmful for health

“Organic” is the word which is trending a lot. Consuming organic food is very important for maintaining health.

Fruits and vegetables are the most organic form of food. They are immensely essential. is necessary for health.  When people are talking about healthy food, the most important word ‘organic’ pop-ups.

Differences in health within conventional and organic food are very small. However, the presence of pesticide on both foods is not significant on both. Thus, the content of nutrient is differing very slightly. Hence, it is not sufficient in making the real change in diet.

Considering the idea of purchasing organic food for good health, no need to worry, it is just the misconception. As per the survey, it is discovering that the Environmental Working Group is giving the message that few vegetables are having residues of pesticide. However, this message is given with the intention of making people purchase organic food. Many people claim that there is less possibility of purchasing fruits or vegetables. Thus, in a survey, various shoppers are claiming the most important barrier for purchasing organic fruits and vegetables is cost.

Melinda Wenner Moyer, at Slate, is considering the organic produce and is providing the various surprising conclusion. While looking closely at one picture, she asks that is really organic food better as it is not containing pesticide. However, pesticides are not harming our health it is providing the serious risk for rationalizing effort and the cost of purchasing organic food.

As per the study, it is discovering that organic food is containing more amounts of pesticides residues. Organic farming is allowing natural pesticides which are more toxic. However, the residues of pesticides present on vegetables and fruits are very less harmful instead of the toxins occurring naturally in vegetables and fruits.

For example, the work of a scientist is discovering that Americans are consuming around 1,600 mg of natural toxins from plants per day. However, it is around 17,000 times greater than 0.10 mg of synthetic pesticides obtaining from food. As per the work of Ames’s, natural chemicals are responsible for causing cancer in animals. Thus, it is also discovering that single cup of coffee is equal to the exposure of residues of synthetic pesticide responsible for causing cancer.

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