Over a Dozen Cosmetic Veterans in the US Join Forces for Stricter FDA Regulations in Personal Care Products

The cosmetic industry has been long facing several challenges. The insufficient regulatory system is a major challenge in the cosmetics industry. Hence, a total of fifteen beauty companies in the US are joining forces to correct the situation. The new body is known as The Counteract Coalition. It is aiming to alter obsolete laws in the cosmetic industry.

This regulatory body is aiming to introduce transparency and safety in beauty ingredients. In Canada and Europe, there are strict laws to determine cosmetic ingredients. But the US is fairly lagging behind in this. Hence, the need for a strong regulatory system that will encourage cosmetic safety protocols. The FDA is not using any special screening laws to check the authenticity of beauty ingredients. Hence, Counteract Coalition is soon going to meet lawmakers to encourage new rules in personal care and safety.

Let us take a detailed look at some of the important beauty brands that are investing in personal care safety. One popular beauty brand, Counter Brands LLC which endorses Beautycounter is expressing its interest in promoting personal care products safety acts. Hence, this law will stop the usage of all harmful ingredients in skincare. It will also be recalling those beauty products that are using harmful and harsh ingredients.

One Mr. Gregg Renfrew who is heading Beautycounter’s team is stating about its interest in improving safety parameters in personal care and cosmetic products. The beauty and cosmetic industry in the US is progressing in leaps and bounds. However, a lack of regulation is constantly affecting the market. Therefore, this development will allow the FDA to examine the safety and quality of beauty products. Hence, in a year, the FDA will check the safety standard of at least five personal care products.

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