Perfumes Continue to Remain Integral Cosmetic Accomplice

While traveling to different destinations for vacation, various people prefer for shopping of perfumes. Thus, while walking on the streets of Mombasa City, people are mostly attracted by the fragrance of the cocktail out of the shop of perfumes. The wild sweet smell is very heavily hanging in the air for flourishing the industry of cosmetics and beauty.

Thus, the entrepreneurs in make-up and perfume are making the Henna art for millions. Hence, it is mostly recognizing different beauty-conscious residents of the coast preparing for spending more in trimming the images.

Therefore, Salim Abdallah, manager of ProMode Shop is claiming of starting the family business of perfume. He is investing in around Sh700,000 and is helping the enterprise to grow rapidly. He claims about deciding in setting up of the coast where various people like good smell and looks.

The business of perfumes is adding the presence for various years. Mr. Abdallah is trying to open the other branch in Mombasa. He mentions targeting clients between the age of 26 and 40. Thus, the business is getting profit in the season of Ramadhan. He is importing their perfume from Omani, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai.

He claims that the cost of perfume for each bottle is between Sh 2000 and Sh 7000. The oil perfume costs between Sh250 and Sh2500. Mr. Abdallah is claiming to sell around 65% of the products.

In spite of the expensiveness of products, consumers are helping in increasing the business. The consumers, Awadh Salim is revealing of setting around Sh25,000 for perfume in every three months.

Awadh Salim is claiming that perfumes are unique and are staying for long costs within Sh2000 to Sh8500.

Kasumuni Ondari is in the business of beauty and are investing for around Sh400,000 and is constantly increasing the enterprise.

Ms. Ondari is explaining that make-up is not affordable and the beauty products are also expensive.

Ms. Kasumuni Ondari is claiming that many of their clients are within the age of 20 and 60. This proves that beauty products can be purchased by anyone.

Thus, Ms. Ondari mentions that the beauty pack is consisting of powder, lipstick and foundation cost Sh9,000. Within a month, Ms. Ondari is making the revenue of around Sh85,000 and Sh95,000.

So Ms. Ondari mentions that her client, Charity Sonje is having a budget of Sh15,000 each month for make-up.

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