Plant Based Diet For Improved Health

Several years ago, the plant-based diet was very severe and difficult. But nowadays, people are following the plant-based diet for good reason. However, in various ways, human and planet health is in a problem. Thus, the plant-centric diet is the best way of addressing the issues.

A plant-based diet is good and it has been proved by more than 10,000 research papers all across the globe. Hence, this is decreasing the rate of cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, the high expectancy of life and various chronic ailments. Co-founder of Food Revolution Network, Ocean Robbins claims about eating the standard American diet and suffer from American diseases.

A plant-based diet is adding various years to life. While looking very keenly at the heart disease, the story of No. 1 killer of American adults is persuasive. Founder of 22 Days Nutrition and New York Times, Exercise physiologist, Marco A. Borges claims that diet is proving not to prevent whereas the reverse heart disease is depending on a plant diet. Thus, the statistics are mentioning that around 6,50,000 Americans die because of heart disease. However, around 85% of cardiovascular disease is curable with the help of a plant-based diet.

It is very difficult to change the schedule of eating. There are strategies mentioning by experts:

Making plants the main ingredient of a plant

While eating like the Americans, various animal products are present in the plate. Stancic claims about being very important to put the plants at the center of the plant. Even though there is the presence of animal products in plate, it should be considered as the side dish.

No need to think

There’s no need for changing the diet in a night. Robbin claims that while considering the whole plant foods it is the main step for maintaining the good health of human and planet. There are several places known as “Blue Zones” where people are living the healthiest and longest. However, people are focusing on the whole plant foods with no processed food or extra sugar and around 0-15% of calories from animal products. Robbin mentions that no consumption of processed food is very healthy and the animal products are playing the small part of the diet.

Addition of whole plant foods to the environment

The environment is an important factor for recognizing the ability to accept new habits. Borges claims on bringing the whole plant foods in the house and consider them from where it can be observed. Thus, harmful processed foods should be kept away from the sight and are gradually working on cutting it from the kitchen.

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