Posture Impacts are Significant While Consuming Food

Posture Impacts are Significant While Consuming Food

As summertime is bursting with food trucks and outdoor parties, spending time in eating and standing up. On the other hand, for enjoying the meal, scientists claim of finding the best seat.

As the study present in Consumer Research Journal finds the impacts on posture, taste awareness, with the best-tasting food. Professor of Marketing, Dipayan Biswas, South Florida University is the professional in the effects of cross-modal and looks at vestibular sense. It is accountable for posture, spatial orientation and balance interacting with the sensory system of gustatory impacting flavor and taste.

Taste Buds

Although, it discovers that having the standing posture is stimulating the physical stress and mutes the taste buds. The power of gravity pushes blood to the lower part of the body. This is making a heart work hard for pumping blood. And it is backing up the top of the body and escalate the heart rate. As it is activating the HPA (Hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal) axis and results in increasing the concentrations of cortisol. However, a chain reaction is reducing the sensitivity of senses, affecting the taste evaluation of food & beverage, awareness of food temperature.

As people are witnessing uneasiness, and normally tasting good food is not appearing to the palate. Biswas is confirming the hypothesis by having almost 360 participants rating the deliciousness of pita chips.

Hence, scientists are providing the contestants classic bite-sized brownies baking at a local restaurant. Thus, it is testing and considering the pleasurable taste. As baker are altering the recipe and make the unpleasant taste on adding the additional salt and results occurring is the opposite. Although, contestants standing are not noticing the brownies tasting salty and rate them to have promising taste awareness and sampling them.

Findings are suggesting that parents are able to make healthy foods and unpleasant tasting looks more pleasant. In the same vein, it is advantageous for maintaining the standing posture on strong products of pharmacy having unpleasant tastes.

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