Privacy Policy

Personal Information

A visit to any website will ask for a visitor’s personal information like name, email address and contact number. Other information required for visitor analysis is the IP address, browser details and time of visit. This information helps analyzing target audience, regions and time spent on a particular website. Security of this information is of foremost importance to us and we take necessary measures against any misconduct related to this information.


Cookies are small data files that your browser receives on a website visit. These files are essential for analytical and diagnostic point of view. You can block the cookies and also switch off the notifications. The kind of cookies that you might encounter are preference cookies, security cookies and session cookies.

Use of Information

Your personal as well as other information received will be only use to notify you with the changes taking place within our websites ecosystem. It will only help us do our jobs better. Notifications regarding changes is important so that you do not miss out on any important announcement resulting in delay or destruction of your work.


All personal and technical information received shall not be shared or disclosed with anyone. We take necessary precautions that save us any kind of technological breaches and misconducts.