Research Shows Obesogen Chemical Is Responsible For Obesity

Research Shows Obesogen Chemical Is Responsible For Obesity

As per a study, the chemical obesogen present in the environment is also responsible for obesity. However, it is mostly seen in genetically obese people. Obesogen affects the functions of the body and leads to obesity. These chemicals are mostly present in baby bottles, food containers, plastics, toys, cosmetics, and cookware. They easily enter the human body and hamper the functioning therefore, increasing the fat content.

As per a study by the BMJ journal, scientists of Norway are using the data from the Health study of Nord-Trondelag to do their research. However, around 1, 00,000 people are a part of this study, whereas 68,000 are present in analyzing the association. They are analyzing the things between body mass index (BMI) and genetic disposition.

People within the ages of around 15 and 80, asked to measure their weight and height continuously. Thus, the results are accurate and claim growth in obesity among the people. Thus, in people who are genetically prone to obesity the rate in them is very high. However, the genetic disposition in mostly recognizing the score of the polygenic risk.

Although, because of the obesogenic environment, there is an increase in fat by around 7.2 kg. There is an increase in the levels of environmental toxins.

Thus, many obese people are prone to having unhealthy choices of lifestyle. However, they are aware of the obesogenic environment and are working on differences of genes. Thus, they are also helping in reducing obesity.

Many of the scientists are working towards developing policies for reducing obesity. Hence, scientists are measuring obesogens in the environment. This is also helping in reducing cancer.

Various scientists are debating on the environment triggering cancer or the genes. Sweden is researching with twins for recognizing the environmental factors causing cancer.

Functions of Obesogen

Obesogen is the chemical present in hormones. Many of the endocrine disruptors are affect the receptors of estrogen. They are also causing harmful effects on people.

Obesogen chemicals are playing a major role in causing the defect during birth and early puberty in girls. For instance, there is a risk in children for increased obesity if the mother is exposed to chemicals.

There are various chemicals present in the home and are responsible for obesity.

BPA (Bisphenol-A)

Bisphenol-A is the compound present in different products such as plastic food, baby bottles, metal food cans, and beverage containers.

BPA is commercially useful for showing that high levels are causing harm to humans and animals.

Although, the structure of BPA resembles estradiol and a significant form of estrogen. However, BPA binds to the receptors of estrogen in the body.

Hence, exposure of BPA is being linked to heart disease, neurological disorders, insulin resistance and more.

Although, many of the scientists claim that BPA is harmful at high levels. However, there is an argument about it being harmful at low levels present in food.

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