Revolutionizing the taste of food by using waste food

Revolutionizing the taste of food by using waste food

Nowadays many people are aware that wasting food affects the environment. So these people are working on reducing the effect on the environment. However, the Organization of Food and Agriculture claims that the emission of greenhouse gas from food waste is very toxic. Thus, limiting the emissions it may cause changes in the food system. Whereas individuals can decrease the footprint by themselves on using each part of the grocery store.

As per the government of Australia, the cost of food waste is around USD 15 Bn every year. However, there is the addition of millions of tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Thus, not each approach will help in reducing the effect of the environment by food waste.

There is a list of foods that helps in getting out of the grocery shop.

1.      Herb Stems

Various Thai and Mexican dishes are having different color and flavor with the help of Cilantro leaves. Cilantro leaves are having various favors present in them and are having the staple in pastes of Thai curry. However, the chefs conscious about the waste are interchanging the leaves on slicing the stems very thinly. Whereas the stems of parsley are adding flavor to the vegetable.

2.      Vegetable Leaves

It is discarding the carrot tops as they are delivering the nutritional and flavorful punch. Although, on fine cutting the leaves for tabbouleh salad or using them on a recipe of waste-free pesto. However, the same technique is useful for leaves like radish greens and beet.

3.      Cauliflower Stalk and Broccoli

Thus, on cutting the florets from cauliflower or broccoli, stems and stalks are very nutritious and tasty with the attention. However, it is slicing the stalks and stem very thinly and adding them to vegetables for texture diversity. This will be helpful in not filling your bin or empty the wallet.

4.      Fat and Bones

Less price and convenient vegetable oils are not remembering the animal fats value. However, Milkwood is useful for producing the cooking oil having flavor and parts of meat on discarding or trimming. On trimming the meat and fat, the extra bones are useful for making the stock. Hence, the recipe is useful for roasting chicken bones and the vegetables on simmering in the water pot.

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