Sailing has turned out as Main Stream Tourism Income in the Caribbean

Sailing has turned out as Main Stream Tourism Income in the Caribbean

Judy Petz combats tears as she defines the destruction created by Hurricane Irma on the Islands of British Virgin, where she has been living for almost 21 years. “There was no power, no water,” she recalls, voice faltering. “Pretty much 90% of the country,” has been cruelly impacted, she states.

Irma got struck in September 2017, this has been one of the sturdiest hurricanes ever been recorded in Atlantic basin along with the wind speed of more than 185 mph. Furthermore, it not only took away the lives of 5 people in the BVI but also killed around 39 people in other nations all over the Caribbean. Then, shortly Hurricane Maria was followed by overwhelming Dominica, the US Virgin Islands as well as Puerto Rico.

Though Petz was in the US in Irma, she was doing through a stressful wait for hearing from her husband. He stayed at their property on Tortola Island. Besides, communications were blown away by the storm, which means it was around 2 days before she had known.

The idea of yachting as well as staging the yearly BVI Spring Regatta seven Sailing Week. A big international event that marked one of the highlights of a sailing season of a small country. Besides amidst the carnage Petz who is the director looked frivolous.

Also, she dedicated to set-up on the regatta to prove that the life sustained on the BVI. For attracting visitors as well as provide a welcome fillip to the hard-hitting tourism segment. With almost no power & major harm to the host marina, but, any such ambition would be unrealistic.

Petz along with her team

However, in the spell of 6 months, Petz along with her team had successfully attracted almost 70 yachts as well as their crews, amongst them some were the UK & France. That achievement was one of the most remarkable ones. Considering the amount of work that was accomplished on computers ran by solar batteries. The site was prepared from all the scratches.

“I keep telling people it was the miracle regatta because it happened over Easter,” she states.

“It was really significant, at least to me to say, ‘you know what, we will go on. The sailing industry has a foundation here that even a category five hurricane can’t destroy completely,” Petz further adds.

In addition, sailing is a great draw for nations all over the Caribbean, along with that visitors fascinated by dazzling seas, warm trade winds, splendid beaches as well as local color & hospitality.

Several significant racing regattas from January to May that for certain kickoff global racing season — draw a large number of boats from the region & overseas, with the groups made up of proletarians and professional sailors, along with the healthy sprinkling of richest owners.

As per the BVI government, the mainstream of its tourism income is produced by the yacht chartering business. But then there’s the involvement of the local marine trade as well as related businesses.

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