Scientists Unveil the Veiling Chemical in Mordange Process of Photography

Mordancage is an age-old photographic trick that significantly improves black and white pictures. The resulting effect is striking, and also gives a strange veil-like outcome. In a recent development, a team of scientists from George Mason University is close to finding the real reason behind this effect. The chemical process is due to the dissolving effect. An acid-copper bleach solution dissolves the darker sections of a black and white photograph. The photographer can erase off the section. He can also retain the same. Hence, eventually, he gets a strange veil-like effect in the final photograph.

Mordancage is highly beneficial for black-dominated images. Images that have greater portions of dark have higher dissolution. Hence, photographers use this technique to improvise the image. Some of the most common chemicals are copper chloride, citric acid and a combination of distilled water and hydrogen peroxide. Photographers often use these chemicals to practice mordancage.

Photographic Paper Plays Crucial Role in Harnessing Mordancage Effect in Photography

Besides the chemicals, photography veterans are also emphasizing on the importance of paper type and quality to have an effect in place. Copper chloride and hydrogen peroxide aid in the bleaching process. Hence, these chemicals are always going to play a major role in improving black and white photos.

Recently two scientists carried out experiments on Mordancage chemicals and processes. They used very different photographs and also measured the amount of hydrogen peroxide. They also measured the results of copper chloride.

Chemical Trinity Helps in Producing Ideal Mordancage Effect in Photography

Hence, scientists are saying that hydrogen peroxide helped in making the paper softer. Cotton rag photographic paper showed a maximum reaction to chemicals. Therefore it resulted in very versatile effects of Mordancage.

Mordancage effect does not take place only with copper chloride and water solution. Only using hydrogen peroxide and water also doesn’t cause any effect. Hence, it is very important to have the right combination of all the chemicals to get the effect.

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