Swiggy To Invest in 10 Minute Food Delivery Project

Nowadays, people are not having sufficient time for home cooking. So there are various applications developed that are making lives easier and convenient. With the help of those applications, people can order food and get the delivery at home.

Swiggy is one of the fastest food delivery applications. It is trying to bring orders of consumers in around ten minutes. This is part of a new approach which is targeting minimum delivery time. Hence, the development is going to increase profits in the food delivery market.

Various food delivery companies are taking a minimum of 30 minutes for delivering food. However, Swiggy is collaborating with different stakeholders such as caterers, F&B outlets and start-ups such as small kitchens. These small kitchens are at short distances. Hence, they are helping in delivering in around 10 minutes.

These small kitchens are very important in fulfilling demand as per the localities.  While discussing at the primary stage, the company is designing the logistic blueprint instead of declaring the concept of 10-minute delivery globally.

Thus, the company is rolling out about the service as the trial project in specific cities. Many of the people who want the express delivery service will have to pay an extra fee. Swiggy is starting the ‘Swiggy Stores’ for the quick delivery of food from various supermarkets and the Kirana store.

Thus, the space for food delivery in India is observing development and violent competition.

Hence, (KIE) Kotak Institutional Equities different analysts are mentioning that the food market of India is increasing by around 70 Mn orders from the 20 Mn run-rate order.

The food delivery market is dominated by arch-rivals Zomato and Swiggy.

Zomato is having importance in India. Swiggy is conscious about market share on the basis of transactional volume.


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