Technology Influenced Beauty Trends

Technology Influenced Beauty Trends

In many sectors, change is taking place. In the same way, people can observe the change in the beauty sector. There are various technologies that are creating enormous changes substituting the working of various beauty brands. Thus, L’Oreal is deciding on being the technology company rather than a beauty firm across the globe.

Although, women are having concerns of beauty as there is an increase in demand for technology.

Different trends that are changing the way of beauty:

  1. Applications of Augmented Reality

There are various developments happening in face tracking and the recognition of an image. This helps customers to try different shades of eye shadow or lipstick before purchasing. Thus, different applications are not the alternative for trying beauty products in real life. Hence, customers are using these applications to increase the demand for beauty products. These applications are consisting of Snapchat, where people are using it for filtering AR on faces. This application is also useful for experimenting with different styles. And looks while purchasing different products with the help of applications.

  1. Using 3D technology

Increase in the demand of the augmented reality filters, different brands of makeup uses 3D technology. This technology helps customers in trying different looks. 3D technologies are giving opportunities to customers to try different looks without causing any changes. Thus, it is very easy for different brands in increasing the rates of products.

  1. Personalization of cosmetics by AI

Many of the customers’ are demanding personal experience on skin and hair. Many times, women are complaining about not finding the correct shade of foundation for face. Women with dark skin tones are struggling for selecting the foundation. So now there is no need of spending time in finding the correct shade of foundation by using artificial intelligence. For instance, Lancome is the brand using artificial intelligence for providing a personalized experience to customers. Primarily, in this technology, it is scanning the skin tone of the face, where they are using an algorithm for creating the appropriate shade of foundation.

  1. Printing of makeup

Nowadays, the need for intervention or human interaction is replacing by robots. Hence, the beauty sector is playing a major role in makeup printing. For instance, Opte wand is a product having the potential of scanning skin and applies small amounts of makeup. Thus, the wand is consisting of a built-in camera where micro printer and microprocessors are making the work very easy. However, technology is developing very rapidly. Thus, the industry of beauty is taking the benefits of making different changes using technology.

  1. Personalization by Augmented Reality

Nowadays, it is very easy for treating the concerns of skin. Although, augmented reality is the best way of diagnosing the different concerns of skin. This takes place using HiMirror of using technology in different sectors of beauty. Hence, the mirror is scanning the wrinkles of the face and the enlarged pores. Thus, it is checking the different levels of brightness on providing the different recommendations and ratings of products. Many skincare experts are warning of giving a context of skin scores. Many of the products are harming people about negative feedback.


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