Technology trends influencing the industry of beauty

Technology trends influencing the industry of beauty

Equipment from AI (artificial intelligence) to AR (Augmented Reality) is useful for beauty brands for maintaining the economic market of the consumers. While the publicity of innovations is working or it’s the marketing.

Though, L’Oreal is the most important firm of beauty in the world. Whereas the number one beauty Tech Company is clear about things in the industry is changing.

Global vice president, L’Oreal Technology Incubator, Guive Balooch mentions that women are having beauty concerns for around 30-40 years. However, the demanding customer is responsible for creating the technology.

As there is the need for specific and adapting products and need to answer.

The main technology trends:

1.      ‘e-make-up’ or 3D

The most recent beauty tech trends are not actually involving on wearing real cosmetics. Stimulating the fad for AR filters on Instagram and Snapchat, where ‘e-make up’ artists allows to download make-up looks to improve digital self.

However, the main artist at a significant point of trend is Parisian Ines Marzat. He is known online as Ines Alpha, whose creations are decorating the pictures of musicians, models and artists on Instagram.

2.      In Print makeup

Has anyone seen robots putting the make-up for people?

However, on allowing the Opte Wand comprises of making Consumer Electronics, Las Vegas.

A tiny built-in camera is taking around 200 frames every second, where the microprocessor is analyzing the data. However, the data is helpful in differentiating in dark and light areas. Then the micro-printer is applying the foundation to the skin.

P&G is hoping to launch a product, were printer’s precision meaning that it requires less serum, as people’s make-up bills will drop.

Hence, by joining 3D-printing, AI-powered image analysis, and facial recognition technology, where Elever is allowing brands. This encourages trade make-up looks directly to customers.

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