Testosterone level reducing Food!

Testosterone level reducing Food!

A person can enhance the level of testosterone, by maintaining weight and regularly exercising. However, the food that a person eats is affecting various features of health, not just the waistline.

Food is powering the cells and hamper other components of the body comprising hormones like testosterone. Ingesting certain foods excessively is throwing the body’s hormones out of balance or make it tough for the body by using hormones.

Testosterone is the important sex hormone in the body. However, men are producing more testosterone, as it is significant for women as well. Testosterone endorses the rise in bone mass, muscle mass encourages reproduction and body hair. Thus, the body is doing an efficient job in modifying the hormones and keep the levels of testosterone.

Although, many foods interfere with the process by disturbing the levels of the hormone. Thus, people are anxious about the testosterone level choosing to evade the following foods:

Dairy Products:

Several people are looking to increase the testosterone levels choosing to evade dairy products. This is due to cow’s milk containing natural or synthetic hormones affecting the person’s level of testosterone.

Even, animal feed is containing soy, increasing the levels of estrogen in the milk of cow.

Soy Products:

Soy foods like edamame, tofu, and isolates of soy protein are containing phytoestrogens. Thus, the compounds are similar to estrogen in the body and work in the same way.

However, many studies are not discovering the connection between eating soy products and change estrogen or serum testosterone level. The other study is showing the tenderness of the breast and concentrations of estrogen returning to normal after stopping to use soy.

Scientists are suggesting that phytoestrogen in soy are affecting body deprived of changing the level of hormone causing the symptoms of high estrogen.


Spearmint and peppermint are making the calming tea, whereas menthol in mint might decrease the levels of testosterone.

As per the study in Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, researchers are treating female rats with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) with spearmint. However, spearmint essential oil is testing the effects of the disorder. Scientists are noting that the spearmint essential oil is decreasing the level of testosterone in rats.  


Any person with the concerns regarding the testosterone levels is considering limiting or giving up drinking alcohol. However, this is true for males.

As many of the studies are finding evidence that a small amount of alcohol is increasing the level of testosterone in men. Although, regular drinking or heavy drinking for long periods is causing the decrease of testosterone in males.

In contrast, the consumption of alcohol is increasing the level of testosterone in women.

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