The Unbeatable Hong Kong Summer Vacation

The Unbeatable Hong Kong Summer Vacation

In Hong Kong, the summer holidays are the twinkle of an eye. On starting about the dream for the vacation, the first name of place coming in mind is Hong Kong.

On considered one of the largest cities in the world, energetic Hong Kong is the mesmerizing destination. Because of cultural diversity, rich history, immeasurable attractions for engaging people of all age and have faces waiting for discovering. However, things for doing in Hong Kong are so diverse that is taking one trip for fitting them. Hence, from the day treks to thrilling theme parks, a tranquil temple in chaotic city to unique dining experiences and lively nightlife. Thus, attractions of Hong Kong are appropriate to all seasons, and certain to everyone, comprising kids.

For experiencing the soul of civilization, we are visiting the roots. Whereas Sham Shui Po and Old Town Central are places where the development of the lively city took birth.

Sham Shui Po:

It is a district of humble desires. Initially, a blue-collared region, Sham Shui Po is the center for shopaholics and provides a lot of pocket-friendly involvements. Hence, it is the best way for experiencing local culture, as streets are packing little shops selling from fabrics and beads. Although, if in the mood for a treasure hunt, travel around the shops on Fuk Wing Street, Apliu Street and Golden Computer Centre.  

Old Town Central:

On taking a trip back in time and travel around streets and small side streets of Sheung Wan making Old Town Central on foot. Hence, it is the place where old chapters of Hong Kong history is unfolding, bursting with style.

For keeping an eye out for beautiful wall painting and colorful graffiti spotting the paving stone streets and heritage wall of a neighborhood. As it is the perfect place to quest for treasures to bring home back. However, the old town center is the foodie’s paradise containing introducing delicious local eateries, Michelin-starred restaurants, and chic rooftop bars is yet to start.

Ocean Park:

It is the shelter to around 500 diverse marine species, encountering with Asian animals such as Asian otters, Red Pandas, and giant pandas. It is having the private Polar adventure zone catching the glimpse of penguins, seals, walruses, and North or South Pole creatures. As there is the retro zone known as Old Hong Kong showing the culture of the 50s-70s.

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